"When you can't see the sunshine, be the sunshine"

DOORstep documentary 

This time in our lives is defining. We will talk about life in a different way after this pandemic and in years to come we will explain to our children the impacts and changes that happened in our society which were brought about by a virus.


I know so many families are distancing themselves from their loved ones and staying in the bubbles of their own borders. I feel strongly that our lives and the sacrifices we are making at this time deserve to be documented.


My job is to take photos but it is so much more than that. It is my therapy, so I want to start a little project. I want to take a photo of you and the ones sharing your bubble. I want to take your photo at your front door step. You can dress up in your very best, you can stay in your PJ's clutching your 4th coffee for the day or you can even wave from your window. I will be there with my zoom lens to capture you and your family however you would like to be documented. I will literally get out of the car (or maybe even not), click my camera from the roadside and then be on my way.


I would like to keep this within the metro area and the the images will be used to create a blog post to celebrate all the families and people who are doing their part. Your image will be available to download for FREE. You must be comfortable with your image being shared publicly to be included. There will also be an option to purchase a printed copy of your photo if you wish.  

I will be doing several photo stops on one journey so may not be able to accomodate all who are interested if they do not fit within the session routes. 


If you are interested please read the terms and conditions here and complete the contact form below . If there is enough interest I will get back to you with a time and day.