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Hi, I am Rene,

a lover of pretty things, craft and love stories.


My love of photography started when I was working as a stylist. I was putting outfits together for other photographers as I owned a little vintage store, and then a bridal store. I would take my own photos for my business and I LOVED it. I loved being able to be creative and how just a single moment in time could create such meaningful art. Things quickly evolved from there. Before I knew it I had friends and family eager for me to take their picture. I worked as a busy wedding photographer for many years but now focus on families, mothers, newborns and relaxed couples sessions. 


I am passionate about family photography, in particular capturing the love between parent and child. We know that they don't stay little forever so these memories become precious heirlooms in many families.


I adore working with children. I spent 14 years working in private optometry practices where I helped children with learning difficulties. It is always fun getting to know the children I work with and learning what makes them who they are and capturing their unique personalities. I enjoy working out the dynamics of the families I get to work with and immortalising it in images. I also have my own little bundle of love and energy, my daughter Ellie.

Recently I have added family films to my portfolio of work and it is magical to be able to create moving art that brings so much emotion and joy to my clients. 

I care deeply about what do and I strive for that to comes through in all the elements of my business, from our long chats at sessions, how I lovingly package your prints and all the little things in between.

So if you would like to know more or would like to book a time with me

then I would love to hear from you. 


Rene xxx

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